High Temperature Pulleys
Harsh Environment Pulleys



For use up to 500oC

Recommended for corrosive aqueous baths and molten metallic baths, these pulleys withstand temperatures up to 500oC, free of molten metal adhesion. The Alumina shaft offers a 65% strength of an equivalent 304 stainless steel shaft at 500oC. The maximum operational speed is 1,000 RPM. See the first image below for details of construction.  The dimensions of the available pulleys follow. Web safe color has been chosen for illustration purpose. We may deliver the pulleys in a different color.

     The construction of a 500 degrees Celsius pulley       Pulley NT 024 U Hi-Temp for 500 degrees Celsius       Pulley NT 024 F HI TEMP for 500 degrees Celsius

     Pulley NT 040 Hi-Temp 500 for 500 degrees Celsius      NT 046 HI TEMP 500 for use up to 500 degrees Celsius 

For use up to 1,000oC                                                                          

This pulley has been innovated for use in annealing ovens. The details of construction are depicted below left, followed by the dimensional drawing. The maximum operational speed is 500 RPM. The Alumina shaft offers 6 times the strength of an equivalent 304 stainless steel shaft at 1,000oC.

      The construction of an integrated ball bearing pulley       Pulley NT 046 ITGD DIMENSIONS

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