How to Select Coil Winding Nozzle?

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Select the Nozzle by Wire Gage
Coil Winding Nozzle, Presentation of Minor O. D. and Exit Circumference

Not all coil winding nozzles are created equal to the task.  Wire of different gages require dedicated nozzles.  The rules outlined in Selecting Wire Guides also apply to coil winding nozzle, as far as wear- resistance is concerned.

First Rule

The First Rule of Thumb is to select a nozzle bore two times the size of the wire diameter.

Second Rule

The next touchstone pertains to the minor O. D. of the nozzle (see image,above).  It should be small enough to clear the bobbin(s) yet large enough to assure sufficient stiffness to withstand bending.  The Second Rule of Thumb, therefore, is to choose a minor O. D. size at least two times that of the bore size.   If this criterion cannot be met, the surface finish of the bore becomes critical.  Do insist on a mirror finished bore.

Armature Winding

In the case of armature wire guide nozzles, in addition to the above rules, special attention should be paid to the configuration of the exit circumference.  If you find that your armature repeatedly suffers insulation damage in the final few turns, the culprit is the exit circumference, which needs re-designing or mirror finishing, or both.

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