How to Clean Coil Winding Nozzles?

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Clean by Sonic Wave

Coil winding nozzles, or wire guide nozzles, need to be cleaned frequently.  Residues of enamel from the magnetic wire and particulates in the air clog the bore, reducing wire passage and increasing friction, much like cholesterols clogging the arteries.

          The best way to clean clogged nozzles is by sonic wave. Here is how:

          1)  Soak the nozzles in alcohol in a covered jar and leave overnight.
              (Some ruby tipped nozzles use glue that dissolves in alcohol. Test one first.)
          2)  Remove the alcohol and fill the jar with tap water to cover the nozzles.
          3)  Immerse the jar in an ultrasonic cleaner tank. Turn the power on and clean for 10 minutes.

           4)  Remove the nozzles and let dry.

          A good quality 50-watt ultrasonic cleaner will suffice.

   Caution: Never, never put alcohol into the ultrasonic tank.  This may create a fire hazard!

Is Your Ultrasonic Cleaner Working Properly

To determine if your ultrasonic cleaner is up to par, immerse a piece of household aluminum

foil the size of a calling card into the water-filled tank; turn on the power and "clean" the foil for

one minute.  If pinholes appear in the foil, the cleaner is working properly.

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