Vortex Air Wipe AWM 61

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Vortex Air Wipe AWM 61, superseding the modular air wipes AWM 10, cleanses wire of Ø 2.31 to Ø 4.2 mm.  The new model with an extended exchangeable wiping cylinder not only cleanses at supersonic air velocity but also is substantially versatile. All components that contact the wire are made of ultra-hard material, diamond polished, which not only permits a narrow gap but also assures a long service life.

Starting with one single module, the system can be expanded into 2 and up to 3 modules by the built-in joining feature without the need to realign the air wipes.
Part Numbers

The main part number is AWM 61, followed by the bore diameter of the wiping cylinder of your choice, with a hyphen in between.  Example:  AWM 61 – 3.0 stands for air wipe AWM 61 fitted with a wiping cylinder of bore Ø 3.0 mm.  When choosing the bore diameter to suite your wire, please take into account the plus spec (the + manufacturing tolerance) of the wire. Suppose the maximum wire diameter is 2.8 mm, then a bore Ø 3.0 mm wiping cylinder will work at the highest efficiency, consuming the least amount of compressed air, with an air gap of 0.10 mm around the wire.

This narrow gap principle applies only to the removal of water.  In the vent of cleansing powders, such as, solid lubricants, the gap should at least be equal to the width of the wire.
Since the wiping cylinders are exchangeable, you only have to replace the wiping cylinder and the centering guide to switch to another wire diameter, without the need of installing an additional air wipe. For extra wiping cylinders, the part number is AWM 61 WC followed by the bore diameter of the wiping cylinder with a hyphen in between. 
Example:  AWM 61 WC - 3.4 stands for air wipe AWM 61 wiping cylinder of bore Ø 3.4 mm.  Five (5) wiping cylinders of progressively larger bore diameters are available:
                                                   Ø 2.54, 3.0, 3.4, 4.0, 5.0 mm

The part number of the centering guides is AWM 61 CG, followed by the bore diameter of the centering guide with a hyphen in between.  Example: AWM 61 CG – 2.9 stands for AWM 61 centering guide of bore Ø2.9 mm.  Five (5) centering guides of progressively bigger bore diameters are available:

                                                    Ø 2.5, 2.9, 3.0, 3.4, 4.3 mm

Where multiple AWM 61's are required, please state the main part number followed by the bore diameter, then a hyphen and the suffix V 2 or V 3. This stands for 2 modules or 3 modules respectively.
Example:  AWM 61 – 3.0 – V 2, stands for air wipe AWM 61, of wiping cylinders bore Ø 3.0 mm, in a pair.

To inquiry for the Vortex Air Wipe AWM 61, please fill in the Inquiry Form.

The replacement components for Air Wipe AWM 10 remain available from us.

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