This miniature Air Wipe cleanses super-       Cut away view of the air wipe revealing           COSMOS Air Wipe AWM 71 opens   
        sonically a  Ø1.2 mm wire traversing                  what's inside of the air wipe                        in one level plane for string-up
                     at 900 meters/min

Supersonic Air Wipe

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What is a Supersonic Air Wipe?

When an aircraft at sea level flies beyond the speed of sound,768 mph, it is qualified as "a supersonic aircraft". Wind tunnels designed to characterize the behavior of supersonic aircrafts create supersonic airflow. 

Air wipes in fact are miniature wind tunnels, which, when designed and made in compliance with the basic rules of fluid mechanics, are capable of wiping at supersonic air velocity, qualified as a Supersonic Air Wipe, which we offer.

The performance characteristics of our Supersonic Air Wipes are substantiated by measuring and recording the Air Velocity in situ, including the Air Consumption and Noise Level, in the form of a Performance Data Sheet, which accompanies the air wipe at delivery.

What are the Advantages of a Supersonic Air Wipe?

In short, it saves compressed air by wiping at the highest attainable efficiency.  For details, please see:  The Basic Rules of Fluid Mechanics Governing the Air Wipe Performance.

What do we have to offer on the Supersonic Air Wipes?

At this writing, we offer three (3) versions of Vortex Air Wipes, all capable of Supersonic Air Flow:

           check mark AWM 51 for wires of Ø 0.10 – 2.30 mm
           check mrk AWM 61 for wires of Ø 2.31 – 4.20 mm
           check mark AWM 71 opens in one level plane to ease string-up

A Sample Data Sheet

The Performance Data Sheet of the Air Wipe shown at top left is depicted below. The Air Velocities in red are supersonic.    

                 AN AIR WIPE DATA SHEET
                                                Note: Sound speed at sea level is 768 mph.     

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