ARROW POINTING UP This miniature air wipe cleanses bar metallic wire
at 900 meters/min under
Supersonic Air Flow

Supersonic Air Wipe maximizes air wipe efficiency

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Sound speed at sea level, 20O C, is 768 mph, known as Mach 1.  Speed exceeding this is SUPERSONIC. Wind tunnels dedicated for high speed aircraft research create supersonic air flow.

A SUPERSONIC AIR WIPEAn air wipe is in every respect a miniature wind tunnel which if designed and used properly is fully capable of creating supersonic air flow that maximizes kinetic energy; minimizes compressed air consumption. Our Vortex Air Wipe AWM 51 registered Supersonic Air Flow as revealed by the data sheet shown below:


It can be seen that when cleansing a wire of Ø1.2 mm in an air wipe of bore Ø1.4 at a 0.10 mm gap, the air velocity exceeds Mach 1 at an air pressure as low as 2 bars, which demonstrates that it does not take a substantial amount of compressed air to generate supersonic air flow in an air wipe,
We offer 2 versions of Vortex Air Wipe, AWM 51 and AWM 61, all capable of Supersonic Air Flow, subject to the dimension of the gap between the wire and the air wipe bore, for cleansing bare metallic wires of:

                                                               Ø0.01  –  Ø4.20

Please see Gap Dimension Governs Air Wipe Performance for why and how The page How to save on Your Air Wiping Cost recapitulates the basic rules of physics behind air wipe performance.

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