Easy Threading Air Wipe AWM 71
U. S. Patent Office Publication No. US-2015-0013105-A1


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By splitting the body into two mirror-image halves, we created the Easy Threading Air Wipe AWM 71 that offers:

                                   1.  Easy threading
                                   2.  Durable wear-resistant components
                                   3.  Minimal air consumption

Easy Threading:    

As shown above, the wire is threaded by pulling open the movable, spring-loaded half of the air wipe, which springs back into the closed position after threading. The spring tension and the partial vacuum present within the wiping cylinder keep the air wipe hermetically sealed, yet it will open to allow the passage of knots. There is a threaded knob to limit the width of the opening. It can be tightened to reinforce the sealing, in the event knot passage is not an issue,

Durable Wear-Resistant Components

Two tungsten carbide bars, one each at the entrance and exit opening of the ceramic wiping cylinder, support the speeding wire.  These diamond-polished bars serve three functions:

  1. Keeping the wire at the center of the wiping cylinder
  2. Alleviating frictional wear of the wiping cylinder
  3. Sliding rails

These tungsten carbide bars, while subject to being replaced due to wear, all carry a two (2) years warranty from the date of invoice.

Minimal Air Consumption

The AWM 71 inherits the traditional COSMOS Air Wipe vortex airflow pattern and when deployed in compliance with the recommended air gap, creates Supersonic Air Velocity that maximizes wiping efficiency and minimizes the consumption of compressed air. For instance, an AWM 71 air wipe of internal diameter 4.0 mm cleansing a Ø 3.4 mm wire at an air pressure of 2 bars consumes only one (1)  liter of compressed air per second.

Quick Mounting

Horizontal           Use the two default M 4 hex screws to mount.
Vertical              Use the optional mounting lug. Click here to view dimensions.

Part No. and Wire Diameter

The last two digits of the part number stand for the wiping cylinder internal diameter ( I. D.).  Three are available:

                                     3.0, 4.0, 5.0 mm

For example, AWM 71 – 5.0 stands for wiping cylinder I. D. 5.0 MM.  The corresponding maximum wire diameters, which are also the Optimum Wire Diameters, are listed below:

                               Maximum Wire Diameters to be Wiped by the AWM 71 Air Wipe                             

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